Radiant Flooring Heat

Considered the most popular & most efficient heating system today.  Schedule one of our techs for a consultation.

Radiant Heat Systems
Installation, Maintenance, & Repair

Radiant Heating Systems supply heat directly to the floor, or can even supply heat to panels in the wall, or ceiling of a house.  The systems depend largely on radiant heat transfer, which is the delivery of heat directly from the hot surface to the people and objects in the room through infrared radiation.  Our Team can install a variety of heating and plumbing options.  Give us a call today to see how many different options are available to you now!

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Many Heating Options are available

If your not sure which options are best for you don't worry we'll have an experienced tech take a close look at what would work best for you.  In a radiant floor heating system, warm water flows through flexible plastic tubing called PEX that is located underneath or within the floors.  The heat source in a hydronic radiant floor heating system is typically a boiler.  

This type of heating system is considered one of the most popular and can be one of the most efficient systems as well.  We'll be able to answer questions on which type of heating system would be best for your home & why.  Which is the most efficient heating system?  And which are the most common type of heating systems.

Complete Radiant Heating Solutions

Our Team can install a variety of heating and plumbing options.

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At Plumb Tech Plumbing & Heating, we are proud of the many services we offer to our customers, each backed with a 100% guarantee. We stand behind all of our work and take every measure to ensure your complete satisfaction. We want you to feel like no matter what plumbing issue you might have, you know you can always count on us to get the job done right!

Faucet Repair

Installation or Repair, Our work is guaranteed.  We are licensed, insured, & certified.

Gas Piping

These type of jobs need to be handled by a professional or major problems, damage, & health issues can occur.

Pool Plumbing

There's never a good time for your pool heat to go out!  We Install, Maintain, & Repair Boilers & other heating systems.

Solar Water Heaters

Yes we even install Solar Water Heating Systems.  To keep your costs down & lower your utility bills talk with us today.

Radiant Floor Heating System

We install the most popular & efficient heating systems, including Radiant Heat.  Call us & we can explain the options & advantages.

& Much More

We have been in business for over 20 years so let us know which questions or concerns we can help with!


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