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Boiler Replacement Cost Guide

Boilers are popular heating systems in US households, and their primary function is to heat the water used to heat your home. Boilers are commonly categorized by the energy source they use. There are natural gas boilers, electric boilers, solid fuel-burning boilers, oil boilers, and even steam boilers. Regardless of type, boilers heat the liquid in the tank, which is then transported to the home’s heating radiators to warm the house.

As the cold season nears, you will want to ensure that your boiler is working effectively. Regular boiler maintenance will ensure that even the coldest winter days are bearable. But what if your system needs a replacement? How much does it typically cost to install a new one? 

Boiler replacement cost can vary based on several factors; however, the main two factors are the type and size of the boiler. Think you need a new system? We’ve created this guide to help you out so you can get the best system for your home. 

New boiler cost

So, how much do boilers cost? On average, installing a new boiler can range from $4,500 to $7,500.

This is undoubtedly more expensive than installing a forced air furnace which is about a third of the cost. However, boilers are more efficient in heating your home, especially in regions with longer cold seasons.

Most residential boilers cost between $1,400 and $6,500 for the unit. However, this doesn’t include the additional $1,200 to $3,200 for labor and fitting costs.

The main factors that influence boiler installation cost include the following: 

  • The size of your home
  • Type of boiler (gas, oil, or steam)
  • The boiler’s make and model
  • The complexity of the installation
  • Number of radiators
  • Circulation valves
  • Other necessary parts like pipes and ducts

For example, new radiators cost between $100 and $500 each. Installation costs can range from about $400 to $1300, depending on how many you want to install.

If you want radiant flooring, the materials cost between $3 and $7 per square foot. Again, this doesn’t include the cost of installing the boiler.

How much is a new boiler?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of a new boiler depends on the model, fuel type, and size of the house you want to heat. Here are the average prices of a new standard efficiency boiler based on home size:

Home size (in square feet)Boiler replacement cost
3,600 – 4,000$3,200 – $7,300
2,800 – 3,600$3,000 – $7,100
2,000 – 2,800$2,400 – $6,200
1,200 – 2,000$2,200 – $5,700

A high-efficiency boiler system will cost between $4,000 and $10,000. Despite the high upfront cost, this will also save you 10 to 20% on your monthly energy bills.

Average boiler replacement cost 

Boiler replacement cost is typically a combination of several costs. These include the removal of the old boiler, wiring and plumbing, and in several cases, a hot water tank replacement.

Here are all possible costs:

  • New boiler cost – $1,400 – $6,500
  • Existing boiler removal – $200 – $500
  • Labor and fitting installation cost – $1,200 – $3,200
  • Permits – $50 – $250
  • Condensation drain installation –  $200 – $600

Some other costs that could also potentially be included are the following: 

  • Oil tank replacement – $1,000 – $6,200
  • Installation of a propane tank – $1,700 – $4,300
  • Soil test for oil contamination – $600 – $2,100
  • Fixing leaking pipes – $150 – $850
  • Thermostat replacement – $140 – $350
  • Storage tank installation – $1,200 – $4,000

Residential boiler replacement costs based on fuel type

As mentioned earlier, the cost to replace your boiler is primarily determined by the fuel type. Here are some of the different types:

Natural gas boiler replacement cost

Natural gas boilers are a popular heating option for American homes. This is because they are relatively affordable and efficient. 

Replacing a natural gas boiler costs around $4,000 to $9,000. Part of this cost is the purchase price of the new unit, which costs between $1,400 to $5,600, while the rest covers the installation fees. This type of boiler needs a natural gas line, a condensation drain line (high-efficiency boilers), vents, and plumbing.

Besides the fuel type, the boiler size will also determine your exact price. It will cost more to install a new system in a larger house than in a smaller one. If you’re unsure what size unit is ideal for your home, contact a professional heating company like Plumb-Tech to assist you. 

Propane boiler replacement cost

If you are replacing a propane boiler, the total cost will range between $2,800 and $7,500. The new unit will cost around $1,800 to $4,000 before installation fees. In some cases, propane boilers can be slightly more expensive than natural gas ones.

If you want to convert your propane unit to a natural gas system, it will cost you between $150 and $500. You should, however, note that propane boilers are more efficient than natural gas boilers.

Electric boilers

On average, replacing an electric boiler costs between $5,000 and $11,600. They are considerably more than propane and natural gas boilers, but with good reason.

For one, they are environmentally friendly. Since electric boilers don’t rely on burning fossil fuels, they are better for the environment. Also, they are more efficient, offering more comfort during cold winters. An electric boiler will convert about 99% of the used electricity into heat energy.

Oil boilers 

Replacing your oil boiler will require between $3,300 and $7,200 for a standard-efficiency unit. The price will vary based on the size and model of the unit. For high-efficiency boilers, the cost can go up to $9,000, depending on the size and model of the boiler. Oil boilers boast an AFUE rating of up to 87%.

The main costs of replacing an oil boiler include the following:

  • New unit cost – $1,700 to $6,500
  • Oil tank replacement – $1,000 to $6,200

There are also additional labor fees which will depend on the complexity of the installation process. 

Need a new boiler? Let Plumb-Tech help. 

When it comes to boiler replacement, the costs can vary significantly. This is due to various factors, including the size, make and model, fuel type, efficiency rating, and price of labor.If you need a boiler replacement, Plumb-Tech can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional HVAC technicians. We will calculate the cost of a new unit and help you decide which type of boiler will suit your home the best.

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