We’re Hiring: Plumbing Jobs in Missoula

Plumb-Tech is hiring full-time Apprentice and Journeymen Plumbers to join our amazing Missoula, MT team. If you’re looking to grow alongside other professionals at an industry-leading home services company, keep reading.

Depending on experience level, our Plumbers earn between $18.00 – $45.00+ per hour through commission structures. Wherever you start on the spectrum, there is a well-defined path to increasing your earnings that is published in the office for everyone to see. You would also be eligible for fantastic benefits such as paid time off, health benefits, retirement matching, tool allowance, and more. Not to mention, you won’t be on-call after hours or on weekends.


Simply put, if we like you and you like us, we’ll consider hiring you even if you don’t have years of plumbing experience. If you are a good communicator, love to learn, are pleasant to be around, and are interested in learning the craft, let’s talk.

If you already have plumbing experience, that’s fantastic, we’d love to connect with you right away.

Why Work For Plumb-Tech?

  • Paid vacation and holidays (take a break, relax and clear your head)
  • NO weekends or on-call 
  • Health benefits (medical, dental, vision)
  • $850 annual clothing and tool stipend
  • Extremely clear path for increased wages (you know exactly what to do to increase your paycheck and level up in our company)
  • We’ll pay for your training
  • 401k matching
  • Relocation allowance for the right hire (we’re open to helping out with your moving costs)

Responsibilities Include:


A Day In The Life Of A Plumb-Tech Plumber


  • You are a team player, often participating in team cheers and creating complex secret handshakes with your co-workers.
  • You are disciplined, focused and can balance a pipe wrench on your nose for at least 10 minutes.
  • You are a creative problem solver. You can solve a Rubik’s cube and troubleshoot a leaky faucet simultaneously.
  • You are likable and easy to get along with, like the-customer-liked-you-so-much-they-invited-you-to-their-wedding kind of likable.
  • You are a continual learner, always looking to improve yourself. You prefer to blare Beethoven instead of AC/DC in the work van and are considering changing your legal middle name to “books”.
  • You LOVE Plumbing. At night you count different types of plumbing fittings instead of sheep to go to sleep. The mere thought of a clogged drain or a dripping faucet makes your blood boil.

About Plumb-Tech

Plumb-Tech is a family-owned and locally-operated company that has been serving the good people of Missoula since 2000. Everything we do is based on our purpose as a company: To invest in the personal development of our team, and to delight the customer. The reason the personal growth of our team comes first, is because our team is our #1 priority. If our Service Techs are constantly leveling up as people and they have a good quality of life, delighted customers are a natural result.

We Look Forward to Reviewing Your Application!

We thank you for your interest in joining the Plumb-Tech team and look forward to reviewing your submission. Please keep in mind that we only contact successful applicants. That said, if you don’t hear back from us, we invite you to apply for other opportunities in the future.