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boiler vs furnace missoula mt

Boiler vs Furnace: Head to Head Pros & Cons

When the cold season comes, many homeowners rush to ensure their home’s heating system is in perfect working condition. No one wants to be caught off-guard by the freezing weather. Those with newer homes may also consider installing the best HVAC system before the cold winter hits. The big challenge comes when choosing between the two most popular whole-house heating options – boiler vs furnace. While some people will prefer and recommend a boiler, others will choose a furnace for …

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boiler replacement cost

Boiler Replacement Cost Guide

Boilers are popular heating systems in US households, and their primary function is to heat the water used to heat your home. Boilers are commonly categorized by the energy source they use. There are natural gas boilers, electric boilers, solid fuel-burning boilers, oil boilers, and even steam boilers. Regardless of type, boilers heat the liquid in the tank, which is then transported to the home’s heating radiators to warm the house. As the cold season nears, you will want to …

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what is radiant heat

What Is Radiant Heat?

You may have heard of radiant heat before, but what exactly is it? Radiant heating is a type of heating system that uses radiation to heat objects and people in a space. This means that radiant heat warms surfaces directly instead of heating the air like traditional HVAC systems. Because radiant heat doesn’t rely on convection to circulate air, it can be more comfortable and efficient than other types of heating. This guide will give you everything you need to …

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most efficient heating system

What is the Most Efficient Heating System for your House?

Winter is here, and it’s not the time to be dealing with a faulty or inefficient heating system. In colder parts of the U.S., setting up and testing your heating system before fall is crucial. Otherwise, the freezing winter weather can take a toll on you and your household. But what is the most efficient heating system for your house? Ideally, it will maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the season without draining your pockets.  This article will explore the …

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Common Heating Problems and their DIY Solutions

9 Heating Problems Most Homeowners Experience and Ways to Fix Them Yourself 1. Cool air coming from the heating unit Quick DIY fixes for heating units giving out cold air: 2. Faulty thermostat Quick DIY fixes for a faulty thermostat: 3. Irregular heating around the home (some parts cold, others warm) Quick DIY fixes for parts of the home not heating properly: 4. High heating bills Quick DIY fixes for when your heating bills are too high: 5. Moldy furnace …

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Snow Melting System: Everything You Need to Know

It’s that time of the year when your driveways and patios are covered with snow, making you slip (and possibly get caught on camera falling). And if there’s something we can both agree on right now: shoveling tons of snow is not a fun activity. What if this chore could just melt away? Having a snow-melting system in your home or workplace can literally make that happen. It can also keep you and other users of your property safe during …

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A wall-mounted thermostat for controlling a home furnace.

How to Choose a Furnace: 8 Tips | Plumb-Tech

Choosing the right furnace is about more than finding the best deal. In this post, we’ll show you how to choose a furnace for your home and identify some commonly-overlooked factors that can make finding the right unit so much easier. How to Choose a Furnace for Your Home: 8 Key Tips These are in no particular order. #1. Consider the Fuel Source Carefully Residential furnaces are most commonly powered by gas, propane, electricity, or solar energy. It’s imperative that …

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Electric Radiant Floor Heating Review: What You Need to Know

Electric radiant floor heating is an increasingly popular home addition – and for good reason. These systems have gotten much cheaper in recent years while offering an unrivaled level of efficiency. In this electric radiant floor heating review, we’ll dive deeper into what makes these systems so great. We’ll also show you the various types of radiant floor heating on the market. Electric Radiant Floor Heating Review: The Basics Electric radiant floor heating systems pass heat directly through, as you …

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