Plumbing and Heating in Clinton, MT

Plumb-Tech is the leading provider of plumbing and heating in Clinton, MT. Keep reading to learn more about our services in the area.

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Residential and Commercial Heating in Clinton, MT

We install, maintain, and repair the following systems:

Residential and Commercial Clinton, MT Plumbers

In addition to meeting our customers’ Heating needs, we install and repair plumbing systems in Clinton, MT. The systems we work with include water heaters, softeners, and boilers.

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We also serve these Missoula-area regions:

Top Things To Do In and Near Clinton, MT

Because we’ve been serving Clinton, MT residents for more than 15 years now, we have a firm handle on the local culture. Here are some of our favorite activities within the region.

John Perry’s Montana Fly Fishing
John Perry’s Montana Fly Fishing offers guides and chartered tours of the many beautiful fly fishing spots around Clinton, Montana. It is the namesake of John Perry, who has been fly fishing in the region since the 1980s.
Missoula Troutfitters
Missoula Troutfitters is another very popular fly fishing tour guide service that operates in the Blackfoot, Clark Fork, Missouri, and Bitterroot rivers.
Ekstrom’s Stage Station Restaurant
If you’re looking for a quality dining and camping experience, Ekstrom’s Stage Station Restaurant is the place to go. It’s a full resort complete with cabins and campgrounds. You can also book the grounds for special events (including weddings).
Zoo Town Surfers
Zoo Town Surfers offers river surfing, rafting, and kayaking guides in Montana and Idaho. Their activities are perfect for a Sunday afternoon out with the family!

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