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Residential and Commercial Heating in Stevensville

When homeowners and commercial property managers need installation or maintenance for Heating in Stevensville, they call Plumb-Tech. We work with the following heating systems:

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In addition to installing and maintaining Heating systems in homes and businesses throughout the Missoula area, our technicians handle plumbing needs as well!

Whether you need an entirely new plumbing system for your new-construction property or want us to repair your existing setup, we’ve got you covered.

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Top Things To Do In Stevensville, MT

At Plumb-Tech, we’re proud to be part of the Stevensville community. Here are some of our favorite local things to do.

Kootenai Creek Trail

Western Montana is filled with natural beauty. Kootenai Creek Trail is one of the many stunning trails in the Stevensville area. It cuts through the Bitterroot Valley and is one of America’s most scenic footpaths.

Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge

The Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge lies in the Bitterroot River Valley roughly two miles north of Stevensville. It serves as a sanctuary for migratory birds along with native fish and plants.

The grounds are open for observation, photography, hunting, and observation. It receives an estimated 240,000 visits per year!

St. Mary’s Mission

St. Mary’s Mission, also known as ‘the site where Montana began,’ is perhaps the most important historical site in all of Stevensville. It’s named after the settlement’s original name and contains many remaining artifacts from that era, including Chief Victor’s Cabin.

Fort Owen State Park

Fort Owen State Park is another site packed with Montana history, including several restored buildings containing artifacts from Montana’s early history. The site bears particular significance to Catholics as it was home to Montana’s first Catholic church, founded in 1841.

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