Plumbing and Heating in Wye, MT

Plumb-Tech employs the top Heating technicians and plumbers in Wye, MT. Whether your project is residential or commercial, big or small, we have the tools and expertise to make it a success.

Why Choose Plumb-Tech for Plumbing and Heating in Wye, MT?

Residential and Commercial Heating in Wye, MT

When homeowners and commercial property managers need installation and maintenance services for Heating in Wye, MT, Plumb-Tech is their go-to. We work with the following systems:

Residential and Commercial Plumbers in Wye, MT

We are also the provider of choice for Wye, MT plumbing. We design and install systems from scratch for new construction projects but also maintain and repair existing systems in established properties.

Plumbing systems we work with include water heaters of all types (standard, tankless, solar, etc), water softeners, and boilers.

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We also serve these Missoula-area regions:

Top Things To Do In Wye, MT

We’ve been serving Wye, MT residents for more than 15 years, which means we have a pretty solid understanding of the local history and culture. Here are some of our favorite activities.

Wye West Casino & Lounge

Wye West Casino & Lounge is a popular low-key hangout spot. Enjoy draft beer, liquor, pool tables, a horseshoe pit, and other fun activities.

Montana Museum of Work History

The Montana Museum of Work History provides a deep look at the grueling work that was required to make the state habitable in its early days. On display, you’ll find many antiques including automobiles, steam engines, and tools.

Smokejumper Visitor Center

The Smokejumper Visitor Center is home to America’s largest smokejumper base along with countless exhibits detailing the important work these men and women do.

During the summer months, you can also check out smokejumper planes (and sometimes even see them in action).

Museum of Mountain Flying

The Museum of Mountain Flying is another great aviation-themed museum to check out in the Wye area. It honors the legacy of pilots who spent years navigating and surveying the Rocky Mountains.

Map of Wye, MT