Solar-Powered Water Heaters in Missoula

Plumb-Tech is the leading provider of installation, maintenance, and repair for solar hot water heaters in Missoula. Whether your property is residential or commercial, our technicians are trained and equipped to provide you with expert service.

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Advantages of Using Solar-Powered Water Heaters in Missoula

Solar water heaters in Missoula have become increasingly popular. Here are a few reasons people love these systems so much.

Reduced Energy Use

A solar hot water system in Missoula can make the city’s low cost of living even more affordable. Energy from the sun, of course, doesn’t cost you anything! That means you’ll have more money in your pocket to spend on things you care about. Less energy consumption is also highly beneficial for the environment.

And no, you don’t have to worry about clouds rendering your hot water heater useless. Modern solar heaters are very advanced and will capture energy as long as sunlight is visible.

Potential Incentives

The City of Missoula has a stated goal of supporting environmentally-friendly technology such as solar power, promising to make it cheaper for residents and businesses. As such, the city has put together this webpage listing various municipal and state incentives you can claim to offset the cost of installing solar technology.

Cheaper Than You Think

Gone are the days when solar technology cost a fortune. Our solar water heaters in Missoula are very reasonably-priced, without sacrificing any of the quality you’ve come to expect from our products and services.

Low Maintenance

Solar water heaters are very low-maintenance. The solar apparatus can also be retrofitted to your existing tank, making for a low-hassle installation.

You have a variety of systems to choose from when it comes to solar hot water systems in Missoula. That includes heaters for residential and commercial properties.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar hot water heaters worth it?
Solar hot water heaters can absolutely be worth it, especially if there are two or more occupants in your household. They tend to pay for themselves within 5-10 years, which is impressive as solar heaters can last between 20-25 years. Solar water heaters aren’t ridiculously expensive to install and maintain, either. Costs have become quite reasonable as the technology has advanced considerably.
Does a solar water heater work at night?
Solar water heaters fill your tank with hot water during the day. Residual energy systems keep the water inside the tank warm at all times, meaning your hot water heater in and of itself will never cause a shortage of hot water.
Will a solar heater work in winter?
Solar heaters also function in winter; as long as the sun’s rays are present, the system will deliver hot water. As mentioned earlier, a backup system ensures that, even in the off chance that your solar apparatus does not work, you have hot water. Even with this system working occasionally, you’ll generally save roughly 70% to 90% of the costs associated with traditional heaters.